18:09:34 <mhall119> #startmeeting
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18:09:37 <mhall119> there we go
18:10:07 * tgm4883 lost track of time debugging vmware
18:10:11 <CrestedNewt> and no sooner than you do tgm4883 turns up
18:10:13 <mhall119> no worries, we just started
18:10:28 <mhall119> tgm4883: you've been working on MythTV scopes right?
18:10:33 <tgm4883> yes
18:10:39 <mhall119> #topic MythTV Scopes
18:10:39 <tgm4883> is bobweaver here?
18:10:42 <bobweaver> y
18:10:47 <tgm4883> ok
18:10:55 <tgm4883> so we want a progress report?
18:10:56 <mhall119> tgm4883: could you give an update on your progress?
18:10:59 <tgm4883> sure
18:10:59 <mhall119> :)_
18:11:03 <tgm4883> 2 scopes
18:11:20 <tgm4883> 1st scope, display content/playback
18:11:40 <tgm4883> I've resolved a bug where i hardcoded in my backend info in one place, somehow I missed it
18:11:52 <tgm4883> so if anyone has been using the playback scope, it should be fixed in bzr now
18:12:04 <tgm4883> I plan on packaging that up this week after a bit more testing
18:12:27 <tgm4883> It displays everything that is recorded and/or in the videos storage group on the mythtv system
18:12:33 <mhall119> cool
18:12:34 <tgm4883> it also autoconfigures itself
18:12:56 <tgm4883> I plan on putting some options in place for that, but I wanted to discuss with bobweaver about that first
18:13:08 <tgm4883> mostly regarding a config utility and gconf
18:13:14 <bobweaver> my hands are tied
18:13:48 <bobweaver> I have no clue how the phone uses any gio or dee or anything like that
18:13:49 <tgm4883> I would estimate that the playback scope is 95% complete, as I'm sure there are some minor things that need to be done
18:13:52 <mhall119> yeah, so right now the front-end work really is having to wait to see where the desktop and phone are going
18:14:18 <mhall119> tgm4883: cool, how about the guide scope?
18:14:20 <tgm4883> Also not sure if I'll need to adapt anything for the different layouts
18:15:26 <mhall119> tgm4883: the scopes shouldn't care about layout
18:15:26 <bobweaver> Good question
18:15:30 <tgm4883> Also, still waiting on bug #1096708 to be looked at
18:15:32 <ubottu> bug 1096708 in dee (Ubuntu) "'SharedModel' object has no attribute 'append' using Python 3 on 12.04" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1096708
18:16:25 <mhall119> #action mhall119 to follow up on bug #1096708 with libdee developers
18:16:25 * meetingology mhall119 to follow up on bug #1096708 with libdee developers
18:16:31 <tgm4883> mhall119, true, but for episodic content it might need an additional info from me
18:16:39 <bobweaver> er
18:16:46 * tgm4883 shrugs
18:16:52 <tgm4883> we'll cross that bridge when we get to it
18:16:56 <mhall119> tgm4883: that bug you figured out was in the dee GIR packages right?
18:17:00 <tgm4883> yea
18:17:02 <mhall119> ok
18:17:10 <tgm4883> I've put all the info from my testing in the report
18:17:23 <tgm4883> looks like it just needs a backport
18:17:32 <tgm4883> anyway, scope #2, guide data
18:17:39 <mhall119> tgm4883: the upcoming scopes API should be finalized soon, I'll get you that info as soon as it's available
18:17:48 <tgm4883> mhall119, awesome,, thanks
18:18:00 <tgm4883> so the guide data scope is still pretty early
18:18:09 <tgm4883> It needs a few things
18:18:14 <tgm4883> 1) Guide lens
18:18:18 <tgm4883> 2) Previews
18:18:45 <tgm4883> Currently it works by using the videos lens.
18:19:00 <tgm4883> It pulls all guide data every 12 hours from the backend
18:19:12 <tgm4883> Searching includes title/subtitle
18:19:38 <tgm4883> there is no searching of description. While I'd like to do that, we need an upstream mythtv change for that to happen
18:19:49 <mhall119> tgm4883: are you able to test these in your own dash?
18:20:00 <tgm4883> otherwise the guide data pull goes from 20 seconds to 90 minutes
18:20:14 <tgm4883> mhall119, yes, I've been testing this scope in my 12.10 laptop
18:20:22 <tgm4883> using the standard Unity and videos lens
18:20:37 <mhall119> tgm4883: would you be able to do a short blog post showing off screenshots and/or screencasts?
18:20:55 <tgm4883> mhall119, there really isn't anything great to show off. It would be an extremely early alpha
18:21:11 <tgm4883> since it's using the videos lens, it doesn't look well at all
18:21:17 <tgm4883> I suppose I could do a screencast though
18:21:21 <mhall119> I think just seeing MythTV results would get people talking though
18:21:28 <tgm4883> ok, I can do that
18:21:32 <mhall119> thanks
18:21:36 <tgm4883> Is there screencasting software I should use?
18:21:43 <tgm4883> I haven't done it in quite some time
18:21:49 <mhall119> #action tgm4883 to show off MythTV results in the dash
18:21:49 * meetingology tgm4883 to show off MythTV results in the dash
18:21:53 <mhall119> kazam is really nice
18:21:57 <tgm4883> ok
18:22:17 <mhall119> any other questions for tgm4883 about MythTV scopes?
18:22:25 <bobweaver> n
18:22:27 <CrestedNewt> not from me
18:22:28 <tgm4883> So for a guide lens, I haven't looked much into it yet
18:22:44 <tgm4883> mostly, IIRC we're waiting on unity changes
18:22:52 <tgm4883> since there isn't a good layout for guide data yet
18:23:03 <mhall119> tgm4883: yeah, to display a guide in the Dash will require not only API changes, but also a new renderer
18:23:04 <bobweaver> er
18:23:20 <bobweaver> I dont want to talk about that
18:23:29 <bobweaver> I am so frustrated about all that ^^
18:23:31 <mhall119> and a new renderer requires UI stuff that it waiting on more info from Canonical
18:23:40 <mhall119> bobweaver: I know, we should chat in PM later
18:23:52 <tgm4883> yep
18:24:14 <mhall119> #topic UI work
18:24:15 <tgm4883> But for scopes, I don't have to deal with that at all. It doesn't stop progress on my work until we actually need to do the lens
18:24:35 <bobweaver> tgm4883,  what if things are not the same ?
18:24:38 <mhall119> so like I've said, there's a lot we're currently waiting on that's blocking UI development
18:24:55 <bobweaver> what if 13.10 is not using py like it is now there is alot inthe air
18:24:59 <tgm4883> bobweaver, from a scope POV, it doesn't change that much for me
18:25:11 <mhall119> there was a product sprint in SanFran this week where the future plans for Unity across all formfactors was a major point of discussion
18:25:12 <tgm4883> all my scopes are python3
18:25:34 <mhall119> bobweaver: python scopes are going to be okay, is what I've been told
18:25:42 <bobweaver> yeah well I dont understand what "Unity" is anymore
18:25:46 <tgm4883> I think moving Unity to now use python scopes/lens would be a death blow to unity
18:25:56 <mhall119> originally they wanted to replace them with compiled scopes, but they decided to get optimizations using another method
18:26:43 <mhall119> We should have something solid on the API side by the end of this month
18:27:03 <mhall119> which I *think* is going to support guide data
18:27:23 <mhall119> it'll still use Dee models, just like current Dash, but will allow custom fields
18:27:28 <tgm4883> I hope so
18:27:29 <bobweaver> as far as ui stuff I have everything on my end on the back burner because of the phone and what not. but that is ok ,
18:27:46 <mhall119> it should all still use dconf for settings too, so either GSettings or whatever the Qt API is for dconf
18:27:50 <bobweaver> qtdee has been ported ?
18:28:05 <tgm4883> mhall119, so we could use any custom field, or should I be telling someone what fields are necessary for guide data
18:28:19 <mhall119> bobweaver: I'll double check on that
18:28:30 <mhall119> #action mhall119 to check on availability of qtdee
18:28:30 * meetingology mhall119 to check on availability of qtdee
18:28:35 <bobweaver> that is what unity 2d was using
18:29:17 <bobweaver> mhall119,  I dont know if that is a big deal untill I see the backend QT/c++ code that is for phone
18:29:18 <mhall119> tgm4883: there will be the current regular fields, but you can then define your own "Schema" on top of that with additional fields
18:29:31 <tgm4883> mhall119, ok
18:29:43 <bobweaver> the shared lib for unity and it's plugins
18:29:50 <bobweaver> qt ^^
18:29:51 <tgm4883> mhall119, because I'd hate for them to think of only a few fields and for us to need more
18:29:58 <mhall119> so we would decide on what data we need for a Guide, make that our schema, and build scopes that provide it
18:30:18 <tgm4883> mhall119, I've talked about what we need for guide data previously
18:30:26 <tgm4883> IDK if it's written down anywhere though
18:30:51 <mhall119> tgm4883: that's ok, since it won't be baked-in, we can make it and change it as we go until we're happy with it
18:30:58 <tgm4883> ok
18:31:10 <mhall119> anyway, all that should be done and public by the end of the month, or so I'm told
18:31:55 <mhall119> for the rest of the Dash, we're waiting to hear how all of the different codebases are going to be merged together
18:32:05 <mhall119> desktop, TV and phone
18:32:16 <mhall119> which will tell us what technology to use where
18:32:26 <mhall119> bobweaver is currently blocked on that
18:32:36 <mhall119> and I'm working to get him unblocked
18:32:59 <mhall119> so, that's all I've got on the UI topic, any questions?
18:33:06 <CrestedNewt> nope
18:33:18 <bobweaver> nope any questions for me ?
18:33:32 <mhall119> not from me
18:33:35 <bobweaver> cool
18:33:36 <tgm4883> nope, sounds like we're waiting on upstream
18:33:38 <CrestedNewt> nothing for bobveaver wither
18:33:45 <CrestedNewt> *either
18:34:06 <mhall119> any other topics to discuss?
18:34:32 <CrestedNewt> I won't be around next week but I don't add that much atm
18:34:42 <mhall119> CrestedNewt: no worries
18:34:45 <bobweaver> I dont have anything else to add atm
18:35:01 <bobweaver> I made a mockup wiht the phone sdk stuff last night
18:35:12 <mhall119> #endmeeting