16:04:23 <ogra_> #startmeeting
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16:04:42 <ogra_> so this is the weekly nexus7 status meeting
16:04:52 <ogra_> anyone here besides me ?
16:04:56 <jake__> I am
16:05:18 <Sid_Payton> Yapp
16:06:17 <ogra_> hmm, i would have wished for some more people ... especially developers to give some status updates
16:07:06 <ogra_> anyway, i can at least do my own status update if others dont show up ...
16:08:04 <ogra_> work has been done on the splashscreen front, people using recent images will notice plymouth showing up on their installs (sadly still in portrait mode)
16:08:34 <ogra_> ureadahead was also fixed to finally generate proper .pack files, that should speed up booting slightly
16:09:26 <ogra_> work on reducing the image size (due to switching the tarball to xz compression) is underway, that will give us the opportunitzy to finally re-pack the images for more than the 8G device
16:09:57 <ogra_> xnox did some work on the usb-creator side for nexus7 support, so the installation/flashing should be possible from there soon
16:10:49 <ogra_> janimo developed a daemon for rotation and ambient light support https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2013-January/036337.html
16:11:03 <ogra_> we're still discussing how to move on from here
16:11:22 <ogra_> (it works fine but x is really slow to update the orientation)
16:12:12 <ogra_> the most serious issue is still the touch input layer getting confused ... even more in portrait mode
16:12:30 <ogra_> well, thats all the status i have to give atm
16:12:37 <ogra_> does anyone else want to speak up
16:12:39 <ogra_> ?
16:13:32 <ogra_> hey JanC
16:13:35 <ogra_> err
16:13:37 <ogra_> janimo,
16:13:38 <janimo> hey
16:13:48 <ogra_> i just posted a link to the ubuntu-devel mail
16:13:54 <ogra_> and mentioned your work
16:14:22 * ogra_ wishes someone from the X team would be around
16:14:31 <ogra_> i'd really like to hear about the input issues
16:14:52 <janimo> I'll have a look myself if no unity/X guy has time
16:15:08 <janimo> maybe I find some more clues to pass them
16:15:13 <ogra_> well, i was told there are fixed upstream, but thats like two months ago
16:15:28 <ogra_> tjaltoon was supposed to take care for it
16:15:35 <janimo> do we still have a top 5 worst bugs list as we had around UDS?
16:15:44 <ogra_> i think so, yeah
16:15:52 <ogra_> well, the top one is surely input
16:16:10 <ogra_> sound still needs a suspend cycle to start working
16:16:31 <ogra_> but thats an nvidia issue  according to diwic
16:16:47 <ogra_> we still have the panel shadow as black bar ...
16:16:58 <janimo> there are more than one input bugs though . One that it stops working, then nautilus double tap, and the relatively new clikcs not working unless in defautl orientation
16:17:04 <ogra_> and we have 103 open bugs ... some of them start smelling already
16:17:14 * ogra_ points at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-nexus7
16:17:39 <ogra_> yeah, there is also "never release grab"
16:18:21 <janimo> I'd not mark those Q->R dist-upgrade ones Critical unless they happen on fresh raring installs
16:18:41 <ogra_> nope
16:18:58 <ogra_> especially BT ones :)
16:19:05 <ogra_> since qunatal has a hack there
16:20:25 <ogra_> plars, around ?
16:20:37 <ogra_> (and updates from the QA side ?)
16:20:48 <ogra_> s/and/any/
16:21:41 <ogra_> or gema or balloons ?
16:22:06 <balloons> gema's stateside today, or perhaps traveling back
16:22:11 <ogra_> k
16:22:26 <janimo> I will go through those 103 bugs and see if any needs update/removal :)
16:22:47 <ogra_> some do, but are assigned to people already, i didnt want to just close them
16:23:02 <ogra_> at least not without talking to the owner
16:23:56 <ogra_> in any case it doesnt seem that all the noise i made about this meeting got any of our developers here today ...
16:24:15 <ogra_> anyone having a suggestion how we can change that ?
16:25:42 <ogra_> also if anyone from the audience wants to speak up, ask a question or help, feel free
16:25:43 <Shindz> as for making noise,  I read the post on the fridge...
16:25:59 <ogra_> this is an open meeting for everyione to participate :)
16:26:29 <ogra_> Shindz, it was on G+ as well and on planet.ubuntu.com and i think someone even re-posted it to facebook
16:28:17 <Shindz> I saw it on planet.ubuntu.com
16:28:17 * ogra_ has no idea what other media should have it as well, to get peoples attention
16:28:39 <ogra_> but i'll happily follow any suggestion for next weeks announcement :)
16:28:54 <Shindz> may be some some devs don#t go social ...
16:29:03 <ogra_> hah, yeah
16:29:43 <Shindz> for the Nexus 7, when could we expect to see a first true tablet experience ?
16:30:03 <ogra_> some time in 13.10 i guess
16:30:26 <ppisati> while i'm not nexus7 active ATM, i'm here :)
16:30:28 <ogra_> in 13.04 all the focus is on the underlying bits (the so called plumbing layer)
16:30:36 * ogra_ hugs ppisati
16:30:45 * ppisati hugs back :)
16:31:00 <ogra_> so dont expect to much from 13.04 wrt tablet UI experience
16:31:25 <ogra_> focus atm is to cut down everything we can to optimal values ...
16:31:34 <ogra_> ram usage, space usage, speed etc
16:32:00 <Shindz> good to know.  what is the most difficult task you are facing now ?
16:32:03 <ogra_> and make all the bits and pieces work (sensor inputs like rotation or GPS etc)
16:32:32 <ogra_> Shindz, that the devs assigned to tasks dont show up to meetings i guess *g*
16:32:59 <Shindz> *g* ^^
16:33:02 <ogra_> beyond that, see the buglist, as jani and i mentioned, the input layer is super broken still
16:33:21 <Shindz> yeah I wanted to ask about it
16:33:22 <ogra_> on a touch device thats not really helpful :)
16:34:10 <ogra_> well, so i'll take an action to hunt down the missing devs personally during next week and have them show up here
16:34:26 <rrnwexec> is bluetooth getting any closer? that would help us test without needing the touchscreen
16:34:31 <ogra_> not having an Xorg dev here while discussing the input layer wont get us very far
16:35:00 <ogra_> rrnwexec, well, there is one nonfree bit that we havent decided on yet how to handle it ...
16:35:33 <ogra_> you could install the brcm bits from the quantal PPA on raring, i think that should make it work
16:35:47 <rrnwexec> ok. thanks :)
16:35:49 <ogra_> (but will make upgardes to the BT stack fail)
16:36:00 <ogra_> cyphermox, ^^^
16:36:18 <ogra_> do you have any info about the BT progress on the nxexus7 ?
16:37:41 <ogra_> hmm, seemingly not
16:38:25 <ogra_> probably some words of whats ahead for next week ...
16:38:48 <ogra_> i'll be working on adding preseeding support to the images for automated testing in the QA testlab
16:39:14 <ogra_> i'll also be working on the xz compression which needs some massive changes in the image build process and the installer
16:39:49 <ogra_> once thats in place we can think about building images for flavours (xubuntu, kde-plasma and lubuntu were asked for)
16:40:50 <janimo> ogra_, do we now have extra server time to add more flavours?
16:40:51 <ogra_> if someone is eager to learn how ubiquity works, i think xnox would be grateful for help on the "input in textfields does not work" and "wallpaper is missing" bugs of the installer
16:41:09 <ogra_> janimo, my re-working of the compression should avoid that
16:41:32 <janimo> you mean we could install multiple desktops from a single image?
16:41:39 <ogra_> janimo, currently the compressing happens on a panda and takes 1/3 of teh build time ... i want to move that part to nusakan
16:41:56 <janimo> still, have 3 or 4 nexus flavours seems a lot of work for little gain
16:41:58 <ogra_> janimo, nope, we will build multiple flavour based images
16:42:02 <janimo> anyway not my business
16:42:37 <ogra_> the xz compression isnt needed for te3h flavours, its needed for being able to re-roll the image during flashing for bigger than 8G devices
16:43:08 <ogra_> the current one is to big to properly re-pack it, fastboot falls over then
16:43:21 <ogra_> and the -S option for fastboot doesnt seem to be safe
16:44:06 <ogra_> (the tarball needs to become smaller for re-packing)
16:45:01 <ogra_> janimo, adding the flavours is a one line change to the crontab for each flavour
16:45:08 <ogra_> thats no biggie
16:45:38 <janimo> I was under the impression there is little time for extra images hence them being continuously pruned
16:45:44 <ogra_> making buildtime for them is, but thats fixed by moving the compression which we have to do anyway
16:46:01 <janimo> I thought the disappearance of the ac100 is a result of such shortage
16:46:08 <ogra_> current buildtime is 90min ...
16:46:12 <janimo> of server time and developer resources
16:46:13 <ogra_> 30 of them for gzip
16:46:27 <ogra_> miving to xz on the panda would double that
16:46:51 <ogra_> moving the whole compression to nusakan (x86 machine) will make us get rid of that delay
16:47:31 <ogra_> xz has to happen anyway ... we'll get spare time for flavours for free through it
16:48:18 <ogra_> disappearance of the ac100 ?
16:48:26 * ogra_ checks, they should build
16:48:46 <ogra_> http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/daily-preinstalled/20130118/
16:48:49 <ogra_> still there :)
16:50:28 <ogra_> anyway, 10min to go ... does anyone have more questions, suggestiones etc ?
16:51:05 <ogra_> seems not ...
16:51:46 <ogra_> i'll try to make sure the next meeting is a bit more crowded, if any of you have questions outside of that meeting, we're around in #ubuntu-arm all day ...
16:51:50 <ogra_> going once
16:51:55 <ogra_> going twice
16:52:03 <ogra_> meeting adjourned !
16:52:07 <ogra_> #ednmeeting
16:52:10 <ogra_> bah
16:52:14 <ogra_> #endmeeting