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17:00:39 <czajkowski> aloha
17:00:45 <pleia2> hello everyone, welcome to the first Community Council meeting of the year :)
17:00:46 <Gwaihir> hello!
17:01:10 <pleia2> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda
17:01:50 <pleia2> nothing on the agenda except for our scheduled check ins with the Xubuntu and Studio teams, but at the end of the meeting we'll go through our todo list and then ask for any other feedback/issues/topics anyone wishes to discuss
17:02:01 <pleia2> #topic Xubuntu check-in
17:02:07 <knome> \o/
17:02:25 <pleia2> knome: for these meetings we just try to get a pulse for teams, see if there is any way we can help, any particular challenges
17:02:50 <pleia2> so, how's Xubuntu? :)
17:03:04 <knome> hehe, well
17:03:37 <knome> following the agenda page loosely, here's some things i think we are (or should be proud of):
17:03:53 <knome> the progress on last cycle on many many community-related things
17:04:04 <knome> including, but not limited to:
17:04:14 <knome> revised strategy document
17:04:35 <knome> many marketing initiatives
17:04:42 <knome> new offline documentation
17:04:55 <knome> many improvements on our website and social media outlets
17:05:56 <knome> and progress towards a bigger team/community
17:07:16 <knome> i should probably specifically mention sean (bluesabre), who's been a huge help working with various things that directly and indirectly improve the quality of xubuntu
17:07:48 <knome> i'm hoping and waiting to see him be involved as much in the future and probably take a bigger role if that suits his life/work :)
17:08:34 <knome> does somebody from the xubuntu team or community want to add something?
17:08:43 <czajkowski> wow that is impressive knome
17:08:54 <knome> thanks :)
17:09:12 <knome> last cycle was definitely community-heavy for xubuntu
17:09:51 <czajkowski> knome: how have you managed to get people involved, as you couldnt be doing all this on your own :)
17:10:10 <YokoZar> Innumerable charms ;)
17:10:13 <knome> pleia2 has been awesome!
17:10:15 * pleia2 switches to xubuntu hat for a moment
17:10:39 <pleia2> part of it has been we seem to have more users because some people are looking for a more classic desktop
17:10:41 <knome> (we don't have xubuntu *hats* yet...)
17:11:02 <pleia2> so more users means more of a pool to draw from contributor-wise
17:11:06 <czajkowski> nods
17:11:24 <knome> yep, we've been getting more questions about how to contribute mainly on our mailing lists
17:11:42 <pleia2> we've also been trying to fix up some of our getting involved documentation, last cycle in particular with our documentation rewrite, the core team was regular people on the project, but we got some newcomers too by making it easy for them to help out
17:12:13 <knome> yup, that worked out really well!
17:12:42 <pleia2> I've also been giving bite-size website tasks to some people looking to help (have some screenshots for updating the website in my queue from a new contributor)
17:12:54 <knome> i think we are looking at one or two new (semi-)regular contributors now thanks to the documentation rewrite process
17:13:30 <pleia2> knome: how are things going this cycle?
17:13:30 <czajkowski> pleia2: great idea
17:13:41 <knome> things are starting slowly, but steadily
17:14:04 <knome> we haven't done any team reports yet (ugh), but we'll start doing them soon enough i hope
17:14:18 <knome> we should start testing the new things that sean (mentioned previously) have been preparing for us
17:14:37 <YokoZar> I'm curious if some of the changes in Ubuntu's style of development have affected you in a positive way
17:14:51 <YokoZar> For instance the big new emphasis on automated testing
17:15:21 <micahg> adding autopkgtests would be nice, but I don't think we've done much with that yet
17:15:35 <knome> we've been looking at automated testing and wondering if we can use them in the future (hopefully for next LTS)
17:15:38 <YokoZar> My hope was that this would result in, for instance, less breakage for derivatives when we change core packages since those would be caught
17:15:52 <micahg> I think the -proposed migrations have kept the ISOs building though which is a good thing
17:15:54 <knome> there's not too many things that xubuntu specifically can test with autotests, i think
17:16:13 <YokoZar> micahg: That at least is great :)
17:17:05 <knome> i think one of the questions for xubuntu for this and the forthcoming cycles is ISO space
17:17:29 <knome> we're still trying to fit on a CD, and there's some uncertainty if the ubuntu core extends so much we have no chance of doing that
17:18:15 * pleia2 nods
17:18:31 <micahg> we're also stuck with multiple python and gtk stacks for the next 2 cycles most likely
17:18:38 * cprofitt waves
17:18:43 <cprofitt> sorry for being a bit late
17:19:02 <knome> we ended shuffling the ISO and dropping a lot of things in the last cycle
17:19:10 <czajkowski> knome: is there a plan then for that ?
17:19:25 <knome> czajkowski, not a definite plan yet
17:19:36 <knome> we'll see how the situation looks as we go
17:20:06 <pleia2> cprofitt: welcome
17:20:35 <knome> and before coming to definite conclusions, we need to investigate what we *can* drop if needed
17:20:42 <knome> micahg has been working on that with me
17:21:01 <knome> (mostly him though)
17:22:37 <knome> as always, more intercommunication would most probably make it easier
17:22:48 <pleia2> sounds like things are going well :)
17:23:22 <knome> here he is ^
17:23:38 <bluesabre_> here I am
17:23:40 <bluesabre_> :)
17:23:47 <pleia2> bluesabre_: any comments about the current state of xubuntu? :)
17:24:42 <bluesabre_> Not really, I think we've got a good focus on quality and user experience
17:25:09 <czajkowski> does sound like you have a well thought up plans and good active community
17:25:13 <czajkowski> which is great to see
17:25:26 <knome> that's true, we aren't targetting on too many new features for R, but focusing on keeping the quality up
17:25:36 <czajkowski> nods
17:25:41 <czajkowski> that seems like a sensible plan
17:26:01 <cprofitt> like to hear the focus on quality and user experience.
17:26:45 <knome> and of course, we plan to keep looking good so we'll attract more users.
17:26:52 <knome> here's our artwork lead ochosi ;)
17:27:09 <pleia2> (but not by filling up our CD with tons of wallpapers ;))
17:27:14 <ochosi> just wanted to ask whether "looking good" is my queue
17:27:26 <knome> no, not that, we don't have space for that... :)
17:27:49 * scott-work is back and thanks everyone for their patience with my schedule
17:28:06 <pleia2> ok, unless anyone else has anything to add, we'll move on to Ubuntu Studio
17:28:14 <pleia2> thanks knome, micahg, bluesabre_ and ochosi :)
17:28:25 <knome> ta!
17:28:38 <czajkowski> thank you
17:28:39 <cprofitt> thanks knome micahg bluesabre_ and ochosi
17:28:43 <pleia2> #topic Ubuntu Studio check-in
17:29:10 <pleia2> scott-work: for these meetings we just try to get a pulse for teams, see if there is any way we can help, any particular challenges
17:29:25 <pleia2> successes, progress :)
17:29:28 <scott-work> thank you pleia2
17:29:40 <cprofitt> hey scott-work
17:30:00 <scott-work> development has been slightly restrained lately, however i would attribute that directly to be and my lack of recent involvement
17:30:07 <scott-work> hi cprofitt !
17:30:33 <scott-work> generally i have been the one to pursue our action items and keep pushing things
17:31:18 <scott-work> that isn't to say that all development has stopped because people like zequence (ne ailo or ailo.at) and len have been pushing things along with micahg 's assistance
17:31:53 <scott-work> i'm not aware that the council could provide any assistance at this time, but i also admit that i may be lacking in perception or knowledge as well ;)
17:31:56 <scott-work> ..
17:32:13 <pleia2> does the team have regular meetings?
17:32:44 <cprofitt> how does the team track action items?
17:32:45 <pleia2> I find it's easy for team members to drift apart when there isn't constant meetings to keep focus and remind of outstanding items
17:32:49 <scott-work> the team has not been holding regular meetings. i would say that has dropped off during my limited activity, pleia2
17:33:02 <scott-work> cprofitt: typically we use status.ubuntu.com to track items
17:33:18 <pleia2> even once a month helps for some of the teams I'm on
17:34:01 <czajkowski> scott-work: would it be helpful if people rotated a chair so if you're not there the meeting still can go on ahead and there is a sense of still meeting and getting things done
17:34:43 <scott-work> generally i would posit that while there are more active members on the team we still do not have a strong, persistent nucleus for such critical mass
17:35:13 <micahg> I think zequence represented Studio pretty well at UDS
17:35:19 <scott-work> czajkowski: i agree. we have done so in the past with limited and varied results
17:35:39 <scott-work> micahg: agreed. he is a very capable person with good vision
17:35:46 <YokoZar> Is there any cause for concern?
17:35:51 <czajkowski> scott-work: it may be an idea to try it again if not an hour meeting but a half hour, touch base and a check up and see do folks need a hand
17:37:30 <scott-work> YokoZar: excellent question. when assumed project lead i viewed the team/project as dying. i think we have made exceedingly good progress from that point. i am quite proud of what he have done. however, i do not hold an active concern for the project, but i am aware how easily it could slip back without continued stewardship
17:37:45 <scott-work> czajkowski: that is very good suggestion. thank you :)
17:38:22 <scott-work> we have tried informal meetings on IRC, but the scattered nature of time zones is unfortunately not conducive to comprehensively or completely productive meetings as such
17:38:24 <czajkowski> scott-work: if we can help, let us know
17:38:33 <scott-work> thank you for the offer, czajkowski
17:38:34 <czajkowski> scott-work: even if it's boucning ideas off someone else we're here to help
17:38:56 <knome> from a semi-insider point of view, i think ubuntu studio has some good momentum, but it definitely won't hurt to keep checking how things are
17:39:24 <knome> we're having some cooperation between xubuntu and ubuntu studio since we both use xfce
17:40:05 <scott-work> my personal feeling at this point is that ubuntu studio needs active stewardship and vision. we made huge strides up to, and including, 12.04. since then i have been variably inactive and i feel the project has suffered because of this. this project is especially important to me and i am beginning to recommit myself to seeing ubuntu studio develop into what i believe it can be
17:40:43 <scott-work> knome: thank you for your comments. i also share the feeling that the cooperative between xubuntu and ubuntu studio has been incredibly rewarding and i look forward to continuing our relationship :)
17:40:51 <scott-work> thank you again czajkowski  :)
17:41:14 <czajkowski> No problem
17:41:30 <scott-work> one particular probelm i think we face is one of defintion
17:41:53 <scott-work> the team has previously defined our target audience but i feel we didn't commit with an entirely whole heart
17:42:09 <scott-work> especially when you couple this with some of our current promotional statements
17:43:04 <scott-work> i am hoping to really clarify the mission of the project and _exactly_ who are target audience
17:43:27 <scott-work> this cycle ( i should have added ;) )
17:43:29 <pleia2> the Strategy Document for Xubuntu has helped us a ton: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/StrategyDocument
17:43:41 <pleia2> makes expectations clear for developers, new contributors and users
17:43:45 <knome> definitely.
17:44:01 <scott-work> pleia2: i actually have a paper copy of that setting next to me right now! hehe, it has been an exceedingly good reference for me
17:44:20 <pleia2> :)
17:44:46 <scott-work> i think this is all that i have at this time, unless others have questions
17:45:17 <cprofitt> I think it sound like things are going in the right direction scott-work
17:45:17 <pleia2> I think I'm good
17:45:31 <czajkowski> I'm good also
17:45:31 <scott-work> thank you cprofitt :)
17:45:33 <knome> one thing you might want to (re)consider is how the leadership structure works in US
17:45:33 <czajkowski> thanks scott-work
17:45:34 <cprofitt> the target audience and mission will help
17:45:36 <cprofitt> thanks scott-work
17:45:39 <scott-work> thank you also pleia2 czajkowski
17:45:48 <pleia2> thanks scott-work :)
17:45:57 <scott-work> knome: that is another task i am schedule to complete this cycle
17:46:19 <knome> that sounds good. i think that helped xubuntu (or at least me as the project lead)
17:48:10 <knome> scott-work, feel free to be in touch with me if you need any help with the strategy document or any of that stuff
17:48:23 <scott-work> knome: thank you! i will certainly take you up on that :)
17:48:47 <pleia2> #topic Any other business
17:48:49 <knome> np
17:49:04 <pleia2> I think the CC todo list is still looking pretty lean post-holidays
17:49:11 <pleia2> does anyone else have anything to bring up?
17:49:13 <czajkowski> it is up to date
17:49:56 <YokoZar> nope
17:50:14 <pleia2> ok, next meeting is February 7th where we are looking to meet with the DMB and Docs teams
17:50:29 <czajkowski> nods
17:50:46 <pleia2> I can take care of post-meeting wiki things in a bit
17:51:00 <scott-work> thank you pleia2 , knome , czajkowski cprofitt YokoZar micahg
17:51:09 <knome> thanks everybody
17:51:25 <pleia2> I think that's it then :)
17:51:29 <pleia2> thanks everyone
17:51:31 <scott-work> does anyone know where i might find out information about the upcoming uds?
17:51:39 <pleia2> scott-work: no news yet
17:51:41 <scott-work> i need to schedule vacation from work
17:51:42 <YokoZar> Thank you
17:51:44 <czajkowski> pleia2: thanks for chairing.
17:51:46 <scott-work> :(
17:51:56 <pleia2> I don't think the dates have even been announced :(
17:52:14 <scott-work> has it been confirmed that it is in the US at least?
17:52:21 <pleia2> I don't think so
17:52:45 <pleia2> jono: any UDS updates? people are starting to need to schedule time off and we don't even know *when* it is :)
17:53:03 <jono> pleia2, funny you should say that, the contract was just signed
17:53:07 <pleia2> \o/
17:53:13 <jono> so I will be getting an announcement out on Monday
17:53:18 <pleia2> great, thanks!
17:53:22 <jono> it will be early May and in Oakland
17:53:48 <jono> I am just waiting on the website to be updated and reg form set up
17:53:55 <scott-work> jono, do you have literally a minute for quick pm?
17:53:57 <pleia2> excellent!
17:54:11 <jono> scott-work, I have a min, but a meeting in 5 mins
17:54:15 <pleia2> (too bad I'll be soaking up the sun somewhere tropical, w00t honeymoon)
17:54:21 <pleia2> ok, thanks everyone
17:54:23 <pleia2> #endmeeting