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schedule <deleted><reply> A schedule of Trusty Tahr (14.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseSchedule Added by Seveas
Date: 2006-07-05 20:51:52
Last edited by genii
Date: 2014-02-18 17:46:18
Requested 177 times
schedule-#ubuntu+1 <reply> A schedule of $curDevelLong ($curDevelNum) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReleaseSchedule Added by Pici
Date: 2008-04-04 19:29:38
Last edited by rww
Date: 2015-03-15 04:26:29
Requested 513 times
schedule-#ubuntu-classroom schedule-#ubuntu-classroom-chat <reply> To view the upcoming Ubuntu Classroom schedule, visit the Learning Events Calendar at http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendars/classroom/ Added by nhandler
Date: 2010-03-05 05:10:38
Last edited by IdleOne
Date: 2012-12-23 02:53:43
Requested 7 times
scim <reply> Chinese, Japanese, Korean Language input. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SCIM Added by Seveas
Date: 2006-06-18 18:25:49
Last edited by dax
Date: 2017-10-30 06:44:38
Requested 142 times
sco <deleted><reply> Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha!!!!! Added by Seveas
Date: 2007-08-15 21:07:02
Last edited by rww
Date: 2011-05-26 02:34:11
Requested 45 times
scoobysnack-#ubuntuforums <reply> Yuck! Added by PriceChild
Date: 2007-01-17 21:37:04
Requested 135 times
scoobysnacks <reply> I prefer botsnacks, but thanks for the thought. Added by elkbuntu
Date: 2007-03-29 13:34:30
Requested 14 times
scope redundancy <reply> We don't need factoids for *everything*, or ten factoids for the same thing ;) Added by LjL
Date: 2008-02-14 16:27:14
Last edited by LjL
Date: 2009-03-27 01:55:07
Requested 186 times
scp winscp a secure way of copying files across networks using !SSH. Usage: scp filename user@host:filename - WinSCP is a client for Windows, available at http://winscp.net/ Added by Seveas
Date: 2006-06-19 13:35:53
Last edited by tsimpson
Date: 2011-03-03 21:40:56
Requested 341 times
screen a window manager for terminal sessions, also useful over SSH. The 'byobu' package provides very useful additional utilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen Added by apokryphos
Date: 2006-06-19 12:26:30
Last edited by tsimpson
Date: 2011-09-07 11:26:18
Requested 815 times
screen-#ubuntu-server <deleted><reply> Screen is a window manager for terminal sessions, also useful over SSH. The 'screen-profiles' package provides very useful additional utilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen Added by LjL
Date: 2009-03-03 17:00:12
Last edited by tsimpson
Date: 2011-09-07 11:25:59
Requested 5 times
screencast record desktop screencasts <reply> Some programs to capture your screen are Kazam, Vokoscreen & Simple Screen Recorder. Also ffmpeg/libav with x11grab option on the command line. Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts. Added by jrib
Date: 2007-06-02 14:03:35
Last edited by Pricey
Date: 2014-01-16 16:29:46
Requested 515 times
screenlets <deleted><reply> Screenlets are little widgets for your !desktop. Note you must have a compositing window manager such as !Compiz Fusion, xcompmgr, or KWin to run them. You can get them at http://www.screenlets.org/ Added by LjL
Date: 2007-09-22 16:38:11
Last edited by dax
Date: 2016-03-31 15:35:58
Requested 137 times
screenshot imagebin screenshots <reply> Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here. Added by Seveas
Date: 2006-06-18 18:00:09
Last edited by rww
Date: 2014-08-30 22:34:06
Requested 1206 times
screenshots-#edubuntu <deleted><reply> Screenshots of Edubuntu 7.04 are available at http://shots.osdir.com/slideshows/slideshow.php?release=784&slide=1 Added by bimberi
Date: 2007-05-10 07:33:04
Last edited by IdleOne
Date: 2011-05-26 16:53:10
Requested 5 times
se sv swedish sweden <reply> Svensk Ubuntu- och Kubuntustöd hittar du i #ubuntu-se resp. #kubuntu-se. Tack! Added by Seveas
Date: 2006-06-18 00:34:23
Last edited by Myrtti
Date: 2011-09-23 10:48:50
Requested 717 times
seamonkey <reply> Seamonkey, formerly known as "Mozilla Application Suite", is available at http://www.mozilla.org/projects/seamonkey/ with install instructions for ubuntu at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=186011 Added by Seveas
Date: 2007-03-31 13:52:30
Requested 41 times
section <reply> Please see http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-archive.html#s-subsections for a list of valid sections that you can use in your debian/control file, for debian packaging Added by Hobbsee
Date: 2009-01-06 02:22:25
Requested 3 times
security <reply> Security Updates are dealt with here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Security - See also !root, !firewall, !server, and !usn Added by LjL
Date: 2007-01-31 19:20:20
Last edited by dax
Date: 2016-02-16 22:21:16
Requested 294 times
seeker <deleted><reply> Something stupid this way comes Added by Seeker`
Date: 2009-04-01 19:56:25
Last edited by Pici
Date: 2009-12-11 17:26:49
Requested 14 times
selinux <reply> SELinux is available on Ubuntu, but not officially supported. Ubuntu uses another security framework by default, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor Added by LjL
Date: 2007-11-06 00:07:16
Requested 140 times
sense commonsense common sense stable works for me <reply> Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should. Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Added by Seveas
Date: 2006-06-19 13:43:11
Requested 945 times
server ubuntu-server <reply> Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Focal (Focal Fossa 20.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://ubuntu.com/server/docs - Support in Added by Seveas
Date: 2006-06-19 08:25:07
Last edited by hggdh
Date: 2020-05-13 13:22:08
Requested 1685 times
server-network networkcli network-cli clinetwork <reply> For help setting up networking on Ubuntu Server, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkConfigurationCommandLine Added by ompaul
Date: 2008-04-14 21:51:09
Last edited by dax
Date: 2016-04-02 04:27:11
Requested 7 times
servergui <reply> Ubuntu server does not install a desktop environment or X11 by default in order to enhance security, efficiency and performance. !eBox provides a GUI system management option via a web interface. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerGUI for more background and options. Added by Seveas
Date: 2008-03-13 16:49:00
Requested 29 times
serverguide guide <reply> The Ubuntu server guide may be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/ Added by jpds
Date: 2008-07-20 19:30:54
Last edited by dax
Date: 2017-10-30 06:54:04
Requested 275 times
serverpackages <deleted><reply> The following list of Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake) server packages will continue to receive security updates until June 2011: http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-security/dapper/supported.txt Added by Pici
Date: 2009-07-14 17:39:27
Last edited by Pici
Date: 2011-06-02 13:48:23
Requested 3 times
session-#xubuntu <reply> To clear your session, go to Settings > Settings Manager > Session and Startup (tab Session), quit any programs you don't want to open and click "Save Session". The next time you log out, uncheck the "Save session for future logins" -checkbox from the quit menu. Added by knome
Date: 2011-08-16 09:38:38
Last edited by knome
Date: 2011-08-16 10:12:08
Requested 5 times
seveas-#ubuntu-offtopic <deleted><reply> who's got pie? Seveas has! HE STOLE YOURS. (see also !pie) Added by Myrtti
Date: 2009-03-17 10:58:35
Last edited by Myrtti
Date: 2009-06-18 22:33:37
Requested 23 times
sfd <reply> Software Freedom Day, Saturday 17th September 2011 http://softwarefreedomday.org/ Get involved Added by ompaul
Date: 2008-07-06 04:05:54
Last edited by IdleOne
Date: 2011-04-11 20:36:54
Requested 8 times
shaddap <reply> :X Added by Seveas
Date: 2006-08-06 23:02:55
Requested 66 times
shaddap!-#ubuntu-offtopic <reply> :X Added by Seveas
Date: 2006-07-17 13:58:10
Requested 10 times
sharedprinting <deleted><reply> If you are unable to share a printer over the network on 7.10 (Gutsy), AppArmour could be the problem. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=531343 to see how to disable it temporarily or permanently Added by elkbuntu
Date: 2007-12-14 12:59:39
Last edited by IdleOne
Date: 2011-04-29 02:37:55
Requested 9 times
shells shell-policy <reply> Is your shell provider banned in Ubuntu channels? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ShellPolicy for shell provider requirements and how to resolve the situation with your provider. Added by topyli
Date: 2011-01-23 18:53:44
Last edited by tsimpson
Date: 2011-01-23 18:57:20
Requested 16 times
shellshock <reply> Ubuntu has released security updates for both recent bash vulnerabilities for all currently-supported versions of Ubuntu. Use your preferred package manager to apply all pending updates. See http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-2362-1/ , http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-2363-1/ , and http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-2363-2/ for more information. Added by knome
Date: 2014-09-25 20:17:17
Last edited by rww
Date: 2014-09-26 15:51:28
Requested 37 times
shipit <reply> Canonical is no longer sending free Ubuntu CDs to individuals through its ShipIt program. For more information please see http://blog.canonical.com/?p=551 !LoCo teams can request CDs through this link https://forms.canonical.com/lococd/ Added by Seveas
Date: 2006-06-17 23:20:58
Last edited by IdleOne
Date: 2011-04-07 15:32:29
Requested 405 times
shockwave currently only available for Windows. To run it under !Wine, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Shockwave Added by Hobbsee
Date: 2006-06-20 06:42:24
Last edited by tsimpson
Date: 2011-03-03 21:40:07
Requested 213 times
shortcuts keytouch mediakeys shortcut keyboard shortcuts keys hotkeys hotkey <reply> Keyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net/ - See !Keyboard for changing layouts. A list of keyboard shortcuts for Unity is available at http://www.informit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=2209015&seqNum=3 Added by LjL
Date: 2006-12-10 21:23:38
Last edited by dax
Date: 2016-03-30 15:24:04
Requested 886 times
shortcuts-#kubuntu <reply> Keyboard shortcuts can be set in System Settings -> Keyboard & Mouse. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KDEMultimediaKeys - See !Keyboard for changing layouts. Added by LjL
Date: 2007-10-04 23:33:09
Last edited by tsimpson
Date: 2010-10-30 01:50:26
Requested 105 times
shout <deleted><reply> PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too. Added by Seveas
Date: 2006-06-17 23:01:53
Last edited by Unit193
Date: 2017-03-28 20:15:30
Requested 3837 times
shut up! <reply> :x Added by Seveas
Date: 2006-11-27 20:30:14
Requested 32 times
si <reply>Kanal za podporo slovenskim uporabnikom Ubuntuja je #ubuntu-si. Če potrebujete pomoč v Slovenskem jeziku, prosimo da se nam pridružite in probali vam bomo pomagati. Slovenian language support channel is #ubuntu-si Added by mneptok
Date: 2009-10-23 20:01:07
Requested 37 times
simplerecursion-#ubuntu-offtopic <reply> See !doublerecursion Added by LjL
Date: 2009-03-19 03:03:08
Requested 17 times
sk <reply> Žiadame slovenských používateľov aby v kanáli #ubuntu hovorili po anglicky. Slovensky a česky sa dohovoríte v #ubuntu-cz. Added by jrib
Date: 2007-11-20 14:31:39
Last edited by PriceChild
Date: 2007-11-28 22:02:28
Requested 94 times
skype skyperecord skyperecording <reply> To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga Added by apokryphos
Date: 2006-06-18 20:24:50
Last edited by LjL
Date: 2009-03-04 19:18:37
Requested 1925 times
skypefail <deleted><reply> Skype are currently having issues with connection problems and are working on a fix. A temporary fix can be found at https://support.skype.com/en/faq/FA10874/I-m-having-problems-with-Skype-today Added by Pici
Date: 2011-05-26 14:12:14
Last edited by IdleOne
Date: 2012-10-14 19:50:43
Requested 7 times
slangasek <deleted><reply> slangasek is Steve Langasek of the Ubuntu Foundations Team and Debian Tech Committee Added by bkerensa
Date: 2012-08-17 20:12:25
Last edited by bkerensa
Date: 2012-08-17 20:13:46
Requested 1 times
sleep <deleted>No sleep till Brooklyn! Added by IdleOne
Date: 2013-01-31 11:50:47
Last edited by IdleOne
Date: 2013-01-31 11:51:06
Requested 0 times
slow <reply>The Ubuntu repositories and ISO mirrors are currently under heavy load. Please consider using !torrents to download ISO images, and be patient with APT updates. Also, try changing !mirrors Added by LjL
Date: 2007-04-20 00:05:06
Last edited by mneptok
Date: 2009-10-03 18:35:39
Requested 400 times
smack* <reply> Ouch, that hurt! Added by Amaranth
Date: 2007-08-10 23:04:10
Last edited by Amaranth
Date: 2007-08-10 23:04:46
Requested 169 times

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